Nils Fredrickson Pine and Chanterelle Recipes


It is fall now, so I will share my favorite Chanterelle and Pine recipes.


For Chanterelles you take some bacon and whack it into pieces and get it to render most of its fat, then you throw in cleaned and thickly sliced chanties. They are going to put out a lot of water, let that boil down by  2/3's add whipping cream, grated nutmeg (and I like Tarragon and Basil), stir it as it simmers until it is as thick as you want it.  Put that over your favorite Pasta---and you will KNOW that it is possible for there to be a promised land.


For those precious Pines, my very favorite recipe is as follows:  You take a whole boiling chicken, put it in a pot big enough for you to have drowned the live chicken in.  Whack up a bunch of celery, carrots and onion and put that in and once it has come to a boil add some bay leaves and thyme. Turn that tough bird down and let it simmer until the meat is falling off the bones.  Then strain the stock and throw the chicken in. al. away (unless you have a cat with no sense of taste).  Then simmer that stock down by half.  Do your final seasoning, ie. Salt and pepper.


Now if you have done this process right---skimming off the crap that comes to the top as it reduces--- you will have an amount of relatively clear stock with fine flavor.


To remove that mere chicken stock from the world of men all that you have to do is to add some very thin slices of  Matsutake and let it  simmer, almost steep, like tea.  Add some very finely sliced green onion at the end.  You do that right and you will not only know that there is a promised land; you will know that you have been there.