About Matsiman Registered Message Boards


Why were they created?

       Matsiman registered message boards were created due to requests by visitors and inappropriate troll posts. Troll posts were the primary concern of all visitors as well as myself. These troll posts included using other visitors names, racial slurs, sexual demeaning content, disrespectful comments about other visitors, slanderous comments about myself and my work, miss information designed to miss lead visitors, vulgar language and harassment of visitors.
     I had hoped to keep these boards open and anonymous to the public. I post on no other forums because registration is necessary. I apologize for asking visitors to do what I won't on other web sites  

When can I register?
You will not be able post messages unless you register.

Registration is now open to the public. Click on the link below to register



       Registration is easy. Simply go to the page and complete the form. Information required is listed below. None of this information is  shared with anyone.
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       You must have cookies turned on. Cookies are used to handle your login & password only.  No malware cookies are added by Matsiman. Your privacy is a priority.  

What Happens Next

       After you register, an email will be sent to your registration email address. This email contains a link to activate your account, (ability to post messages) You will then be able to edit your account and post messages after you log on.  

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Please contact me if you need help or further explanation.


Andy Moore


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