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Untamed Feast Inc
14630-128 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5L-3H7

Contact Eric : 250-896-5243

We buy dried wild mushrooms of all kinds, dried only. We pay more, we ask for top quality. Kings, pines, chantys, lobster, velvet top, slippery jack, tamarack jack and morel. We are looking for suppliers interested in selling what they would eat, for a good price, not the stuff they can't sell fresh so they dry it. Clean, dirt free=top dollar. Prices do not change often as we sell fixed, you won't find that one year we pay less. It will always be the same or more.
Location Web Site  & Email
Primordia Mushroom Farm
Matthew Sicher
351 Blue Rocks Road
Lennhartsville, PA 19534

 I am a year round grower of many types of culinary mushrooms, and forager in the mid Atlantic area.  I also buy quality foraged products of all kinds, year round.  Always looking for high quality mushroom contacts.

Location Web Site  & Email

John Todd
Waldo Cove Market
1711 Waldo Rd.
Baynes Lake, B.C.V0B 1T4


Experienced mushroom picker. I supply restaurants in south-east B.C. and southern Alberta with organic veggies and wild berries (red and black huckleberries).
Will buy dried morels, dried king boletus and dried fairy rings.

Location Web Site  & Email
Jeff Michels
Cascade Organic LLC
Portland, OR.
Phone 503 756 6993

We buy all varieties of Wild Mushrooms and Wild Foraged Products
Location Web Site  & Email
Please contact BJ at;
BJ Jun
Koregon International Inc
Phone- 971-227-7731
We are looking for Top grade Matsutake for Asian market.
Location Web Site  & Email
127 E. Ingersoll
Coos Bay, OR. 97420
Right across the street
from Farrs True Value
Phone- 541-269-2309
Location Web Site  & Email
Marc's Mushrooms
Toronto Ontario
Phone- 647-701-9453

Web Site  & Email

The Wild Gourmet Company
15/F VTC Tower
27 Wood Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Phone- (852) 2259-3314
Fax: (852) 3007-9376

We buy dried morel, golden chanterelle, matsutake, lobster, yellowfoot and admirable bolete. All product shipped via parcel post.
Location Web Site  & Email
206 Barre Rd.
Petersham, MA 01366
PHONE: 978-724-0208

Location Web Site  & Email

Pacific Rim Mushrooms
403 Nelson
Vancouver BC
Phone-  604 568 6033

Location Web Site  & Email
Mo-Na Food
9320 - 60 ave
Edmonton, AB
Phone-  780 435 4370
Toll free 1 866 436 4370
Fax 866 427 4256
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