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Ode to the Picker


The mushrooms are poppin, their jobs theyíre a droppin 

At night theyíre not stoppin, in our little valley
In the distance a flag, so I run with my bag
I look for the brothers, the hat is their mother

I turd in my drawers, there are three chunks or four

The reason is there, a large grizzly bear

It starts to get scary as the forest gets thicker
Not from the critters, but the crazed eyes of a picker

I do what I want, Iíll sleep on the moss

Cuz out here in the forest, Iím my own boss

If you get lost, the Bigfoot will come

To watch and protect you, til up comes the sun


We kick back in the shack, cards, drinks, and lies


The stories start growing, price, weight and size
But the price it has dropped, to two bucks a pound
What the heck buyers, quit messin around

All of us know that itís based on a lie

A six pack and burger is all I can buy!

The fleas and the worms, thereís no reason to pout

I have twenty patches, oneís bound to white out

The days become short, the shrooms moldy with slime

These are the signs, that Iím clear out of time

In spite of the sadness, we let out a cheer


The real pickers know, that thereís always next year
My feet are real #%@$! sore
But Iím still having fun

Look at that bump, my sweet number one


By The Mushroom Poet

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