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Mushrooms Wanted Mushrooms to Sell

I am buying pine, moral and porcini fresh and dried year round in Vancouver BC, need large quantity grade 1 pine, reply this message if anyone had some, contact

Looking for Dried Turkey Tail Mushrooms in Bulk. Please contact us at

We buy dried Morels, chanterelles, lobster and Reishi for Canadian market. Minimum purchase 50 lbs.

Please submit your offer to Pascal

State Road Mushrooms

We buy Chanterelles, morels, hedge hog, blue foot, beech, hen of the woods, truffles, yellow foot, chicken of the woods, porcini, Mousseron, black trumpet, lobster, fiddle heads, cauliflower, sea beans, and Matsutake.

State Road Mushrooms
P.O. Box 1218
Avondale, Pa 19311

dock     610 268-8370
Fax      610 268-8371

I’m looking to buy dried morels, chanterelles and lobster mushrooms in quantity. Please contact me at:
Mushroom Resource
Renée Roehl

I buy junk toadstools (non-edible) from pickers/dryers (U-dry). I don't pay much, but picking/availability of the mushrooms is often great, with no competition.
Amanita muscaria, Amanita pantherina, Amanita phalloides, Amanita virosa/verna, Panaeolus semiovatus, Panaeolus foenisecii, Panaeolus solidipes.
 For details, contact Mark in Indiana at or 812-376-7821


Fungus Among Us Inc.
We buy all kinds of dried mushrooms in bulk.

West Coast Wholesaler looking to buy dried morels, dried sliced shiitake and dried black trumpets. I need them a.s.a.p  Contact Chris at 

We buy fresh and dried mushrooms.

Incense We Trust
Amanita Muscaria should be sprouting any day now in ALASKA (JULY 2006).
 They're coming up in August most other places. 
These mushrooms are poisonous, but there's little competition for them. We sell them as incense and crafts only. All grades, large amounts, good pay. Dry immediately--they spoil if left overnight. 
 Please contact: incensewetrust (followed by yahoodot com)


Marc's Mushrooms
Toronto Ontario
WE buy everything 

Matsutake - Highest Grade - Medium Size- Wanted!

Kiho Shin
71 Broadway, Suite 19F
New York, NY 10006
646.641.2435 (mobile)
646.349.2695 (efax)

wild red reishi mushrooms bulk prices
50 pound 10.00 a pound
100 pound 8.00 a pound
I have 60 pounds of dried morels from the Pemberton Boulder Creek burn. Looking to sell all or part please respond ASAP, if you are interested, I am heading back very soon. Make offers thanks bill.
Looking for a buyer or buyers  for black morels this season have 25 plus picker, thanks Bill
Email me at or leave a message on

FOR SALE- Top Quality Naturally Grown Chaga Harvested from Live Birch Trees FULLY DRIED Chunks=$15/lb, Small Pieces(.1" to .75") =$20/lb.  100+ lbs available

LI-MO Panda Wild Tree Mushrooms (R)
We pick and sell wild dry tree fungus/mushrooms to individual buyers or
in bulk Internationally.  Our specialty is CHAGA, Red Belt Pine Brackets, Turkey Tail, Tinder Conks, Blushing Brackets and other Ganoderma.
We can also sell a mixture of fungus to give you a variety!
Email us for info and pricing:
Phone: (613) 986-2991
Beautiful British Columbia, Canada FRESH and DRY Lobster, Matsutake, Morels, Admiral Boletes, White Chanterelles, Yellow foot Chanterelles, Chaga etc Also offering stinging Nettles, Labrador Tea, wild berries etc.
Contact Sarah from Sarah's Herbs & Mushrooms.
Email: sarahllaxtell (at)
Wild Harvesters with 20 years of experience selling medicinal mushrooms including:
-Chaga $12/lb minimum: 20lbs - Reishi  $20/lb min: 10lbs - Birch Polypore - $20/lb min: 10lbs - Turkey Tail - $30/lb min: 10lbs
We always have these mushrooms available. Many other medicinal available in season.
Dried morels. Canada's highest quality dried morel mushrooms. Sized small and medium (2-6cm). 4kg available looking to sell all together and offering free worldwide postage. Please email for my price and any further questions.
GrowOKC is a wholesaler of fine high quality mushrooms and products. To start buying and selling, contact us at
Chaga chunks for sale from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, $25 per pound. Please email me at or call (906)361-0800.
Great deal for Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms that we grow in the North of Washington State.
Please email: 
We are suppliers of organic Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms that we grow in the state of Oregon.
We also sell a wide variety of other products. Truffles, Truffle Salt, Exotic Greens, Huckleberries and more!

Please visit
Or Contact Us At 503-662-3055

Selling fresh morel mushrooms from the Pacific Northwest. Same day ship. 75$ lb Fresh, including shipping 1lb min. 
Discounts available on 5 or more lbs
Selling Blue Oyster mushrooms and Shiitake, retail and bulk.
Please visit for availability and to contact us.
Around 20#'s of Blue Oyster mushrooms will be available per week late spring through fall.
These are high quality organic log-grown mushrooms. Not substrate grown!
Fresh Italian truffles available at great prices! Will Ship anywhere! Currently Available, Autumn Black Burgundy Truffles and White Truffles! Please contact Jonathan Palmer at
or 815-505-4495

I have many types of seasonal wild edible and medicinal mushrooms for sale including morel, chanterelle, boletes, Turkey tail, reishi, coral, chicken off the woods, Berkeley's, pecan truffle (tuber lyonii) and many more, I can ship fresh same day as picked or we can dry and ship.
Call Scott (803)-600-9411 or email:

We are suppliers of dried morel mushrooms that are handpicked from northern valleys of Pakistan. For buying enquiries, please email or call
Pakistan: 0092-332-8534353
Uk: 00442084322236
Chaga wholesale in the whole piece or chunks.
$20.00 lb. (wholesale) Top Quality Chaga.
$17.00 lb. (10+ lbs.)
Please contact me if interested.
I have top quality dried moral mushrooms for sale. Grade A from  Idaho mountains. We harvest all are own mushrooms to maintain the best quality. We have 15 years of drying experience. You won't find a better dried moral for pictures and price email me at:
Michigan Mushrooms LLC, high quality gourmet and medicinal mushrooms since 2008. Now retailing and wholesaling Chaga mushrooms from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. $15/lb on orders over 50lbs.
"We sell wild harvested Canadian Chaga (Inonotuus obliquus) from Northern British Columbia. All Chaga is harvested in a sustainable manner in areas far away from any industry or pollution. Check out our website for more info on both bulk or small orders: "
I sell dried Chaga from Quebec in chunks (20 $/lb) or ground (25 $/lb). Possibility of trading the Chaga against dried morels.
I will also be picking Matsutake from end of August to begining of September.
I pick clean and sell fresh chanterelle mushrooms when in season.
you can reach me at email:
or call Brenda at 304- 816- 6859
The Mushroom Man
Culinary and Medicinal Mushroom spawn, cultures kits and workshops.
Fungi Health
Medicinal mushroom extract powders.
We offer Reishi, Cordyceps, Lions Mane, Shiitake, Agaricus Blazei, and Maitake
Certified organic mushroom extract.
"Quality dried chaga and fresh/canned fiddleheads from French River,
Ontario. Will deliver to Toronto. Contact Dave"
Chaga for sale Ontario Canada 25$ per pound whole or chunks  email
Fresh Morel Mushrooms. Prime Yellow, grey, and black morels. Picked fresh daily. I also have dried morels, and chanterelle mushrooms.
Contact Rich

We have fresh top quality mushrooms for sale.
Chanterelles, Hedgehogs, Yellow Feet, Morels, Matsutake & Truffles.
For all orders email:

Top quality Chaga mushroom (Innonotus Obliquus) from the wild forests of eastern Canada. Discount for large quantities! Shipping available!
Negotiable! Great prices!
Please contact:
Forest Organics
( aka: Foraged & Found Organics )
 Mushroom Growing Kits, Workshops & Lectures, Forays, Dried Mushrooms & Oils, Mycoremediation / Mycofiltration,
Edible Mushroom Landscaping

Fresh harvested and dried Chaga Mushroom from the Northern Michigan Forests. 60.00 lb Includes Shipping US Only. Please visit our website for more information on mushrooms and our other products. Glow-in-the Dark Mushroom Kits are now available.
Phone:   (734) 672-0140

One Pure Spirit Wildcrafted Chaga and Red Reishi for sale.
Chaga is available in 3/4 inch chunks, powder or pieces. 
Also Wild Red Reishi when in stock.
Bulk Prices available, ship worldwide.

We offer fresh Saskatchewan chanterelles.

Ganoderma Oregonense "Oregon Polypore" Pacific Northwest Reishi Mushroom available all year round, bulk rates available. Shipping available.
All wild harvested, please contact @
Fresh Morel Mushrooms to SELL
Negotiable, bulk available!
Please make contact and put your order in ASAP!
These will go fast!
Dominic Connor

We offer FRESH BLACK MORELS and FIDDLEHEADS from our beautiful forests in Saskatchewan, May through June. Please pre-order. Phone 306-428-2968 or email

"Fresh Chanterelle"
Mushrooms in the NJ area for sale.  Discount for large quantities.   Please email or call (609) 558-1112 and ask for Beth or Laura.
Fresh chantrelles for sale.lower mainland Maple Ridge B.C.Canada; for orders email
orders up to 50lbs minimum 10lbs

Fresh Mushrooms

A full line of fresh and dried gourmet and wild mushrooms available online. These mushrooms are grown in the Mushroom Capital of the World, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Gift baskets also available.

Winter White Italian Truffles
Enjoy and experience the flavor of gourmet truffles!

The Season is here and they are about to be harvested and carefully delivered via courier to the USA. We are currently accepting orders .
Please contact Paolo at: 
Phone:  646 920 5103 We are willing to negotiate !

Pacific Rim Mushrooms supplies the world with great tasting wild mushrooms and other forest products from the beautiful west coast of Canada and the United States....Enjoy!!

We buy all Fresh and Dried Mushrooms.
Want Verpa & Morels!!
Fresh must be taken to airport.
10lb Min Dried & 100lb min fresh
We also buy Wild Ramps and Fiddleheads.
Artisan Specialty Foods, Inc
We wholesale Thousands of pounds of
mushrooms every year.

We pick fresh Chanterelles in cape Breton, NS Canada. Seeking buyer of large quantities at discount price. Arthur LeBlanc


Shiitake Mushrooms available soon. Contact:

Chanterelle Mushrooms For Sale
Sold by pound and 1/2. starting @ $10
please call (805)964-5866 or

Dried, wild Reishi mushrooms for sale.
Contact Jack at:

CHAGA (Inonotus Obliquus )
There have been 150 species of medicinal mushrooms found to inhibit the growth of different kinds of tumors, especially cancers of the stomach, esophagus, and lungs. But chaga seems to stand out from the rest.

Mushrooms to Sell

Gourmet and Medicinal mushrooms
Porcini, Pine, Truffles, Shiitake, Maitake, Chanterelles, Morels.....
Free Shipping in North America!

Big Mikes Mushrooms & More
We specialize in medicinal mushrooms; Chaga, ganoderma, red belt, and various polypore.  No order too small, competitive rates, minimal shipping cost.
Dallasjoy mushrooms. We have fresh morel and porcini anyone interested?
Also we have small amounts (1-2 pounds each) of dried porcini, lobster, pine, cauliflower and chantrelle.
We are negotiable on price and have an extremely reliable source. Please contact us by Email, snailmail or phone. WE can be reached at Email;  Snailmail; Po. box 753 Yacolt WA 98675 . Phone;1-360-852-3440. Thanks Hope to hear from you soon.  Joyelena of DallasJoy Mushrooms.
Morels; dried and fresh, Oyster mushrooms; dried and fresh, misc. boletes Ceps and others in season. E-mail to

Top quality Shiitake mushrooms from Kiruna, Sweden for sale. Contact for more information.

We are selling dried mushrooms: pines, blue
chanterelles and chanterelles.
For information contact
UK based Specialist in dried morel mushrooms hand picked in highlands of
Pakistan for more information contact:
King Boletus
We now have FRESH AND DRIED porcini, email for price/shipping inquiry.
Dried Mushrooms by Scott
I have Excellent quality dried Morels, Porcini and Matsutake at excellent Prices. For more information please contact me at
Wild Reishi mushrooms fresh or dried, please contact us at or 337.886.6076
  Taking orders for next season for:
Dried Conical Morel Mushrooms from Sunny British Colombia, Canada.
Available in vacuum sealed 100g bags, large Quantities available.
Blonds and Grays also available.  Please Inquire for more details.
Email Peter at:

Truffle Tree tm
Introducing truffle cultivation to North America

My name is Daniel Carter and I am a mushroom picker out of airway heights and am currently seeking a mushroom buyer for fresh or dried morels in any quantity.
Phone: 509-244-2040
We have dried mushrooms for sale,  chanterelles and morels, all #1, call or email for prices, or just to touch bases.
Phone 360-701-4302
 Ask for Butch.

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Matsutake Mushrooms
 from Chemult, Oregon
Fresh, Grade 1 - 6
Available NOW


Maitake shipped fresh or dried; occasional chanterelles, black trumpets,
porcini, oyster and sulfur shelf. Currently monitoring over fifty maitake
trees, some yielding 80-100 lb. annually. Also have huge quantities of
chaga, plus occasional other medicinals like ganoderma tsugae, g.
applanatum, etc. E-mail Kerry Hardy ( for details).
Sept.10-Oct. 25
Morels for sale
split and dried...208-667-2385
Mushroom to Sale!
Need mushroom please call me at:
503-286-5152 ask for Tha or you can call 503-805-3113 ask for Vuth
Contact Tha

I will be harvesting Reishi Mushrooms this year. I may also have some
cultivated Maitake, 1st generation tissue clone, and some totally wild
Maitake. Contact Daniel McCann
Welcome to Fungus Among Us Inc.
Fungus Among Us Inc. is a wholesale company with a $24.00 minimum order requirement, not including shipping & handling charges. All shipping charges are for deliveries within the contiguous United States. E-mail for shipping costs outside this area.
Maitake  Mushrooms, fresh or dried.
Contact Warren Kilby, Fox Valley Farms,  503-859-2974 or e-mail


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