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Date:      Thursday, December 11, 2008
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Here is the original offering from Chris Matherly and the Morel Mushroom Hunting Club (where did all the pictures go this morning, Chris? Destroying evidence are we?):

Morel Mushroom Hunting Club's

2008 Yukon/ BC Canada Fire Burn Morel Foray/ Adventure/ Extreme Vacation

Ever Dreamed of Picking 500+ Pounds of Morels from one Trip?

Very pretty sunsets can be seen in the Yukon, (at 2:00 A.M.)


Where:   Near the Border Of BC/ Yukon Territories Canada

When:   June 15th- 24nd 2007, 9 days of extreme experiences!

(You must meet us at the Airport in Whitehorse, everything is covered in this trip except you take care of your own commercial flight to Whitehorse)

Deadline for registration: March 1st, 2008

**Restricted to the first 10 members who register.**  

-Please Note: The Discovery Channel May accompany us on this trip to film a documentary-

Requirements: Simply be a current member of the Morel Mushroom Hunting Club-

 Here is a 2001 Foray: 

Here Is a 2004 Foray:


Other Info on Fire Burn Morels:

Friday Arrival in Whitehorse, Yukon Canada
Supplied transportation to hotel.
Rooms already reserved for guests and paid for.
Guests have until 12:00 pm. to see some of Whitehorse
12:30 departure from Whitehorse to Watson Lake in supplied Shuttle with driver.
Two scheduled Stops of interest along the way
7pm arrival in Watson Lake with reservations at Airforce Motel. Personal recommendation.
8am. shuttle service to downtown Watson Lake for 3 hrs to have breakfast and sightseeing. I suggest guests bring personally selected signs for the Sign station. This sight can be found on the net when you look up Watson Lake.
11am departure to Helicopter pad for Approach orientation and load up. Remember guests only need to bring sleeping bags, personal clothes and toiletries. A suggestion list will be emailed to participants. Guests should bring the oldest clothes in their closets as they will not want them when they are leaving. The reason I say this is due to the smoke smell and general dirtiness. Past" End of Harvest Cloth Burning Rituals" have proven enjoyable. Arrangements will be made to have guests' personal effects not coming on the trip safely stored and made available when they come out.
12pm departure from Watson Lake to Camp.
1-1:30pm. arrival in camp.
1:30pm.-3:00pm. Light lunch and Camp familiarization. This will include Bear Pack and Animal Encounter instruction. There is NO foolproof way to deter a bear attack and the teaching given should in no way to be construed as 100% effective. Guests who bring their own firearms must follow camp rules regarding loaded weapons.  
3:00pm-5:00pm. Walkabout and Introduction to harvesting techniques with personal guides.
6:00pm. Supper.
7:00pm  Campfire activities.
8:30am. and on to 5:00pm guests will be be given hands on instruction on harvesting.
6:00pm. Supper.
7:00pm. Campfire Activities. 
Morning harvest until 12:00pm.
Lunch made for guests at 1:pm
Fishing derby contest with prizes in the afternoon. 6:00 Morel Feast Time, with several recipes to try.
7:00pm. Campfire Burning of the Clothes Ritual and Harvest Awards Show.
Morning Breakfast. Cooked by camp cook
Preparation for departure.

-A Satellite Phone will be onsite in case of emergencies-


As to firearms it is real easy for your guests to bring their own. Just a matter of registering them with customs. I will send registrants the info later. Believe it or not it is easier for you to transport long guns and shotguns through-out our country than it is for me.

View From The Air

Registration fee includes :

When it came to setting the price there is one thing that we had to keep in mind. The Morels that the guests will be taking home with them can possibly pay the price of the trip if sold when they get home. Based on today's market price for Morels each guest would only have to have 20lbs.of dry product to take home.  The drying of the guest's Morels is all inclusive and includes dryer and packaging services. It is not uncommon for a picker to gather 100 to 120 pounds of Morels in one day! You will also have the chance to fish in a nearby River and Lake that may have never had a Human there ever before, as this is a truly remote area, over 100 miles from any town in Northern BC/ Yukon Border, and a gorgeous view of mountainous areas. Truly a Wilderness setting, and an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!

Bring in your Morels at the end of each day, and we will dry them overnight and package them ready for you to take home!

Any necessary assistance in helping you with travel. It will be best to fly into Whitehorse, as fares are best here. I have had prices as cheap as $550.00 from Atlanta.  I am renting a van to drive everyone from Whitehorse to Watson Lake.   The sun doesn't set here until late, and rises at 2:00 A.M. so lots of hunting time!  

A Special Yukon Morel Mushroom Hunting Club T-Shirt.

Celebration Feast- Steak and Morels! (w/ a few unique Morel recipes)

And a video or DVD of our Morel Hunts and Festivities to Cherish for years to come! 

Prices: (Covers costs of  one night in Whitehorse at a local hotel there, One night at a Hotel in Watson Lake, and 7 Nights at remote camp, Transportation from Whitehorse to Dawson City, facility rentals/ food/ T-Shirts/ DVD's) This price will include all Helicopter flights, Hotel reservations and Shuttle service from and to Whitehorse.

You can mail a check, but Paypal is preferred. If mailing a check, email me first to let me know your situation, so that I can go ahead and get you registered. 

If you wish to register, email me your name, and phone number, and I will call you to make arrangements. We are only taking a $100.00 Deposit at this time until this event fills up.  Email me for price quotes.

If you have any special needs or requests, or any questions at all, please email me asap.

Other Links and Info:

EMAIL me if questions.