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      I currently go by Lobo on Matsimanís discussion boards and Andy has requested that we create these pages to discuss morels. The majority of my research has been done in so many burn sites that it feels like hundreds.

      The majority of morel foragers I have seen in the burns are focused upon volume for selling whereas my time was mostly spent on my belly as I took thousands upon thousands of macro photographs. I had hoped to publish my findings in book form however an acute embolic stroke in my basil ganglia has left me struggling with life as well as walking. If I die at least some of my research will be shared.

( Photo to left; Lobo, with extra large conica fire morels, 1996)

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      I used the name morelluvinteddybear on the mushroom expert discussion board and many may remember me sending out free fire morel samples to all who requested them

.      I used the name Morel Farmer on morelmushroomhunting club wherein I was a moderator on Chris Matherlyís discussion board mainly responding to fire morel questions. I quit when some of my photos appeared in his book without my permission.

      I used Morel Doctor in more recent years on a web site and blogs. I figured that since my masters studies were in psychology I might as well become an advocate for little gourmet mushrooms who might wish to be heard before being plucked or sold into bondage.

      ( Photo to left; A true morel known as Bronze Fire Morel...note that the stem carries through the fruiting body such as lengthwise. shown in photo of three with one cut. )

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     I even planned to get a license plate that said DR SHRUME and a bumper sticker that said; Mushroom Psychotherapist, but then reality bumped my brain.  Most every police officer that read it would desire to pull me over.

      I realize that I am not the most experienced or knowledgeable person on morel mushrooms, there may always be those who learn more. But I am willing to share what I have learned and perhaps there will be those who may glean some knowledge from what I have to say and those are the people I most wish to help.

      (Photo to left; Verpa bohemica, note that it is not hollow, has a white pithy type center and the cap is attached at the top.  I do not advocate eating this type of morel, it has ruined some peoples liver and caused death.)

      I have photographed many different fungal varieties since taking biology credits in Mushroom, Molds & Man from Laury Pierson at Ricks College in Rexburg Idaho back in the 70ís but itís morels that hold my attention the most.

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