Marcia, Morels and ?
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In July, my husband and I were tromping through the bush and came across a hillside of these morels.   I was thrilled because I had FINALLY found them after years of zilch.   We got home and I decided to email a bragging picture to my friends - the one attached here.   I made this photo by putting the mushrooms on my scanner and putting a 'shadow box' which I had made over top.   When I looked at the first scan, I noticed that the photo was ruined by white dots all over so scanned again and there were even more!   When I lifted the shadow box to check, my scanner was covered in worms!!!   Blechh!   This photo took some serious clean-up and bragging didn't have quite so much bluster.   To add insult to injury, I stuck them outside on my carpeted deck in a shallow cardboard box with the intention of taking them back to the bush and woke up the next day to find maggots all over the deck.  Never did get out the frying pan!