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Matsutake Mushroom Study

Diamond Lake Ranger District
Umpqua National Forest

(Presented by Rick Abbott to Umpqua Business Meeting, Gold Beach, January 29, 2002)
Information Updated with 2004 Stats


To evaluate the effects of several harvest techniques on short and long term matsutake production, both the number of sporocarps and biomass.

To evaluate small and large mammal use.

To evaluate variability of fruiting from year to year.

To publish and communicate findings.

To have fun.

Control (No Pick)

Custom Tool

Best Management Practice


Study Design

  • Control
  • Best Management Practice
  • Shallow rake/replace litter
  • Shallow rake/no litter replaced
  • Deep rake/replace litter
  • Deep rake/no litter replaced
  • Tool


Shallow rake/replace litter
Shallow rake/no litter replaced
Deep rake/no litter replaced

Original Harvest Treatments
(18 clusters analyzed)

The best management practice has no adverse impact on the number of mushrooms produced.

Deep raking and shallow raking with no replacement of litter significantly reduced the number of mushrooms produced.


Harvest Method Effect and Recovery
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